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Painter Alice Matzkin and her sculptor husband, Richard, contemplate growing older in their nearly 70 paintings and sculptures devoted to the subject of aging. Alice and Richard Matzkin They have written a dual award winning art/inspiration book, THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self, and produced a 45 minute documentary video on DVD, WOMEN OF AGE: Portraits in Wisdom, Beauty and Strength, featuring paintings and interviews of 21 elder inspiring women. In response to their magnificent relationship, Richard has written the book LOVING PROMISES: The Master Class for CREATING MAGNIFICENT RELATIONSHIP.

They appear on television, in print media, on the radio, and in presentations at universities, conferences, etc. They live and work in Ojai, California.

The website offers opportunities to appreciate more about art and aging and magnificent relationship, to purchase THE ART OF AGING and LOVING PROMISES, as well as Alice's paintings and Richard's sculptures, and to follow them on Facebook (Art of Aging / Loving Promises).

See the Videos page for their latest videos.

Contact them at TheMatzkins@gmail.com.

Mission Statements

THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self

As part of our personal growth and our responsibility as elders, our intention is to share what we have learned about growing older. By exhibiting our art, speaking and writing, we intend to spread the important message that aging is not the end of life, but can be a positive new beginning and the crowning culmination of a lifetime.

LOVING PROMISES: The Master Class for Creating Magnificent Relationship

High on the list of causes of human suffering is unhappy relationships. Alice and I have been blessed with a magnificent one. It is our intention through this book, our writing, teaching, and appearances in the media, to proclaim this good news – A MAGNIFICENT PARTNERSHIP IS AVAILABLE TO YOU! LOVING PROMISES offers the tools to make that relationship a reality.

– Alice and Richard Matzkin

Contact Alice and Richard at TheMatzkins@gmail.com

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Banner photo by: Fred Zeller / Smaller photo of Alice and Richard by: Donna Granata, Focus on the Masters, Series 2009