Naked Old Men

Art can echo the interior life of the artist - their hopes, fears, excitement and despair. When I entered middle age, I, like many of my generation, was shaken. I was confronted with the physical side of the aging of my body, the diminishment of my powers and the reality of my death. "Old Men" is an artistic expression of that confrontation. The viewer, too, will be confronted. Hopefully they will use these images, as I have, to begin to move toward a place of surrender, and a resolve to live life more fully and to fulfill their dreams - now. "Old Men" consists of 12 small and medium sized bronze sculptures.

Old man with stick
Old Man with Stick
Old man asleep in chair
Old Man Watching TV
Old man with skeleton  - front
The Struggle

Old man in pants
Alzheimer's Man
Man and Baby
Old Man and Baby
Perfect Man 50 Years Later
Perfect Man 60 Years Later

Fetal Man

Old Man Bending

The Watcher

The Circle

Old Baby
The Embrace
The Embrace

Old Man in Death Bed
Old Yogi
Fear of Alzheimers
Fear of Alzheimers

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