Women Of Age
Portraits of Wisdom, Beauty and Strength

"Women of Age" is an inspirational exhibit of 21 large, colorful, acrylic paintings as well as a video of women from different races and walks of life. It is a project I began in response to my own aging. As I looked into the mirror, and saw the lines and wrinkles and sagging skin appear, I decided that I had better focus on the positive side of growing older, and look for the beauty in aging. Being an artist, I decided to do it by painting portraits and interviewing women who, at 70 years of age and older, are living their lives positively and creatively. I asked each woman such questions as, "What makes life worthwhile?" ... "If you could tell the women of the world anything, what would it be?" ... "What is it like to be an elder?" These women are inspirational in many ways. They show that beauty lies deeper than the skin ...it is the ageless light that shines through. As I stand at the threshold and look into the doorway of old age, I realize that getting old is just a natural progression of nature, and that this final portion of my life can be loving, full, and creative.

Beatrice Wood - age 105
Beatrice Wood - age 105
9 Days Before Her Death

Pablita Velarde - age 79
Pablita Velarde
age 79
Margaret Dixon - age 73
Margaret Dixon
age 73
Rosalea Murphy - age 84
Roaalea Murphy
age 84
Happy Lucky Fawn - age 81
Happy Lucky Fawn
age 81
Liz Bevington - age 73
Liz Bevington
age 73
Frances Blaisdell - age 84
Frances Blaisdell
age 84
Julia Alvarez - age 72
Julia Alvarez
age 72
Sally Lillienthal - age 79
Sally Lillienthal
age 79
Anna Halprin - age 75
Anna Halprin
age 75
Auntie - age 81
"Auntie" Maargaret
Ahua'ula Keali'l - age 81
Edith Stauffer - age 87
Edith Stauffer
age 87
Dominga Reyes - age 83
Dominga Reyes
age 83
Mama Pat - age 73
Mama Pat
age 73
Marie Hall - age 93
Marie Hall
age 93
Fiona O'Connell - age 80
Fiona O'Connell
age 80
Joy Mills - age 76
Joy Mills
age 76

Sosei Matsumoto
age 83

Margaret Cruz
age 81

Eve Venturi

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