Cultivating Peace in the World Begins With You

This is an excerpt from Richard's book, LOVING PROMISES: The Master Class for Creating Magnificent Relationship. "Peace in the world will not happen by force and decree. It will happen one heart, one mind, one person at a time. That person is you." This is the message of this short visual poem about personal responsibility for planetary peace.

Alice on Oprah

Alice appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment entitled Remembering Your Spirit. Inspired by her Women of Age series of paintings, Alice speaks about aging with acceptance and grace.


A video about the book and the process Alice and Richard underwent to come to greater acceptance of their aging.

The Art of Aging - Alice and Richard Matzkin

In this very personal video, Alice and Richard explore aging through their art and gain aging acceptance along the way.


In this unique inquiry into the deepest incarnation of love, author Richard Matzkin has looked to his over three decade long marriage to Alice as a living laboratory to research the elements that comprise a truly loving, magnificent partnership. He has discovered 39 Loving Promises - statements of intention you pledge to yourself, not your partner - that are the behavioral components of a deep, abiding love, These Promises are a profound path to transform even a good relationship into a magnificent one.

Ojai Studio Artists: Alice Matzkin

Alice explains about her process of creating art.

Ojai Studio Artists: Richard Matzkin

Richard discusses the impetus for his art and details how he goes about creating sculpture.

Alice and Richard Matzkin - Beautiful Minds

Video made during the photo shoot for the Beautiful Minds contest, where Richard and Alice discuss their feelings about growing older.

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