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MANifesto: Book Video Trailer

The motivation for me to write this poetic essay, this call to action for men, was my coming to realization of my blindness to a truth that has been hiding in plain sight.

The news media is filled with reports of mass shootings, child molestation, road rage, vandalism, sexual harassment and domestic violence. We instinctively assume that men are the likely perpetrators... and in the vast majority of cases... they are. The incidence of war, rape, crime, torture, genocide, and terrorism are mostly at the hands of men. Though women are certainly not blameless, the reality is that a far greater amount of the evil, hurtful and unloving actions in the world are committed by men—men who are not in touch with their heart.

It's time we men open our eyes, realize our responsibility and do something about it. By maintaining silence in the face of malicious actions and not protesting, we are colluding. By not doing all we can to open ourselves to love, we remain part of the problem. 

These are the dual goals of the book. First, to help men cultivate and develop their natural inclination, which is to love and be loved. And second, to apply their loving nature in support of efforts to heal the conflicts that divide person from person, community from community, and country from country.

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